Venue: The Vaults
Co-Directors: Sean Hollands and Matthew Woodford
Company: Intrepid Ensemble
Devised with the Cast: Nicolas Halliwell,
James Newton, Jack Dorning, Megan Burke
Puppets by: Smoking Apples

Jellyfish was a production made for children which investigated depression. It was designed for children to recognise the signs, and possible things that they could do to help in a situation like this.

The story centred around this a giant Jellyfish puppet that was the physicalisation of a father’s depression. The young boy in the story tries to find way to catch the Jellyfish so that it won’t bother his Dad any more.

The production was devised over a short period of time and shown at the Vaults Festival. The production also had workshops attached to it, which were taken to after school groups in South London. The show then went on to the Edinburgh Fringe after further development, under the sole direction of Matthew Woodford.