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DNA by Dennis Kelly (2017)

Venue: NYT Studios
Director: Sean Hollands
Movement Director/Assistant Director:
Rachel Hosker 
Designer: Laura Fontana   
Composer: Felix Mackenzie-Barrow
Company Stage Manager: Vanessa Sutherland   Deputy Stage Manager: Roni Neale     
Fight Director: Bethan Clark of RC Annie                    Photos by Helen Murray
Cast: Joseph Payne, Patrick Riley, Hannah Farnhill, Katya Morrison, Cudjoe Asare, Emily Thane,
Sylvie Briggs, Tim Chapman, Emer Heatley,
Bryher Flanders, Katherine Humphrey                                                  

My 2017 production of DNA with the National Youth Theatre. This production was staged at the NYT Studios on Holloway Road.

DNA is a moral tug of war between actions and their consequences. A group of teenagers try to bury a dark secret in the forest. The group needs someone to take charge, but who can they trust?

What made this production particularly special was that the room had no lighting or sound equipment. Therefore all the music was performed live, and all the lots were handled remotely by the actors.

The production was also accompanied by DNA workshops for schools studying the play. Please contact me if you would like to enquire about one for your school.