Memories of Now

Director: Sean Hollands
Producer and Content Creator: Ben Carlin of Epihpany VR
Partnership with Theatre Deli, O2 Think Big and
Sheffield Age UK
Venue: Theatre Deli The Moor

Memories of Now was a community based VR project in Sheffield. Aimed at telling the stories of locals who had lived in Sheffield for most or all of their lives. Through a series of workshops and interviews with people over the age of 60, we shaped and developed stories for their past.

The workshops focussed on approaches to storytelling. For many participants it enabled them to tell stories of Sheffield that they had forgotten.

These stories were then recorded and a 360 video was made to accompany each one. After the experience, the audience member was given a letter from the person whose story they had just listened to. The audience member than had the opportunity to write them a reply.