Below is a list of other credits from previous productions.


Pizza Shop Heroes

Produced by Phosphoros Theatre and written by Dawn Harrison with the company. I was the Movement Director on this production. Told by four young men who are refugees from different countries and set against the backdrop of a pizza shop. We hear the stories of how they came to be in the UK, how they find their new home today, and their hopes for the future. Shown at Camden People’s Theatre, The Bunker Theatre, before a regional tour.



Produced by theatre company Limb2Limb I was brought on as Movement Director for the companies’ shows at the Kings Head Theatre. The play tells the story of a young couple that are struggling to cope with one persons obsessive need for cleanliness. Pictured is Andrew Elkins and Leah Georges. Written by Fiona Harper and Directed by James Hodgson.


Jellyfish VR

In partnership with O2 Think Big and Epiphany VR. I directed a short 360 film to accompany Intrepid Ensemble’s production of Jellyfish at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Using the story as a starting point, the video is a resource tool to speak young children about depression and how it can impact people around them.


DNA 2016

This was my first version of Dennis Kelly’s DNA. Produced with the NYT REP company I directed this production at the Ambassador’s Theatre, London. Pictured is Joe Pierson and Catrin Walker-Booth. Photo by Helen Murray.


2.8 Hours Later: RUiN

In the cities of Gateshead and Birmingham I directed a live zombie chase game with theatre and events company Slingshot Effect. The games took place in multiple site specific locations round cities, and unfolded a story as you raced for escape. The story was by Sophie Alicia and pictured is The Zomboss!


It’s Public

I assisted Adrian Jackson and the Cardboard Citizens on a small pop-up performance which took place on sites around Chelsea and Kensington. The short piece was about a homeless man who was asked to move but refused to. No one in the surrounding area knew a performance was about to happen. Check out more work from this company here: