The Dividing Line

Venue: The Bernie Grant Arts Centre
Company: Haringey Shed
Director: Eddie Latter
Associate Directors: Sean Hollands and
Nigel Munson
Movement Director: Nataliya Kharina
Musical Director: Terry Tetteh-Martey

The Haringey Shed is a youth arts organisation and charity in the north of London. The company specialises in Inclusive Theatre and find a role for anyone who wants to join.

Taking inspiration from the story of a youth member at the Haringey Shed. Eddie Latter and Nigel Munson wrote The Dividing Line.

It tells the story of a refugee named Zainab and her family’s life now in the UK. Working with a youth group with over 50 members, the company told the story of Zainab’s journey. Taking on themes of family, racism, and love, this company creates an incredibly moving production.

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