Fatherland Chorus of Others Outreach

Venue: Manchester Royal Exchange
Director: Scott Graham
Project Lead: Laura Mallows
Chorus Lead: Beth Allen
Frantic Practitioner: Sean Hollands

Fatherland was a 2017 production produced at the Manchester International Festival. This Frantic Assembly production was a verbatim piece which told the story of fatherhood from multi viewpoints.

Part of this production included a choir of men from the Greater Manchester area. The choir was built for this production, and many of the men had never been in any kind of theatrical production before. They were called the Chorus of Others.

My role was to run workshop sessions seeking out men who could take part in the production. Working with Beth Allen we created workshops for local community groups in the hope that these men would then come on to the production. Groups included the YMCA and the Manchester City Walking Football Club.

We also ran workshops for young people as part of the festival as well.

We had over 80 men apply to be part of the Chorus of Others. Once selected my role was to run movement sessions with the group, and have them ready for whatever was needed from the production.

Following the production, some of the Chorus joined together and are now their own entity. To follow their progress, look here: facebook.com/chorusofothers