New Template 2.0 (VR)

Venue: Access Space Sheffield & Theatre Deli
Old Library
Director: Sean Hollands
Project Leader and CEO: Ben Carlin
Company: Epiphany VR
Script: Michael Carlin
Cast: Ben Carlin, Tina Baston, Sam Holland
Voice Cast: James Newton, Aaron Gordon,
Poppy Almond

New Template 2.0 is a virtual reality production created by Epiphany VR.

New Template tells the story of an AI that begins to gain consciousness. In this experience the audience member must travel through the history of this AI to learn what became of it and why.

The experience takes place in a giant cube, which is 1-to-1 scale with the virtual environment that the audience member will appear in.

The piece was originally shown at Access Space in Sheffield and then transferred to the Theatre Deli Old Library space.

Epiphany VR has since become Megaverse and you can follow them here: megaverse.blog