One Minute by Simon Stephens

Venue: The Barn Theatre Cirencester
Director: Iwan Lewis
Movement Director: Sean Hollands
Assistant Director: Joe O'Malley
Composer: Harry Smith
Producer: Jamie Dixon
Designer: PJ McEvoy
Media Director: Ben Collins
Creator: Ben Carlin (of Megaverse)
Cast: Joe Bence, Rebecca Crankshaw, Garry Summers, Sophie May Wake, Sarah Hanly

A child goes missing, vanishes into thin air, leaving a tender, fragmentary play about the inarticulacy of grief.

One Minute follows several connected characters through their struggles with Daisy Schults’s disappearance: the two policemen investigating the disappearance; Daisy’s mother Anne; and Marie Louise, a woman who glimpsed Daisy after she had been separated from her mother. Robert is new to the police force, and his enthusiasm for the case is keener than that of his cynical colleague Gary. Mary Louise begins a strange friendship with a woman who knows Gary from the café where she works. Anne’s life has stopped: she wants to know when ‘missing’ becomes ‘presumed dead’.