Frantic Ignition 2017

Venue: Stratford Circus
Co-Directors: Neil Bettles, Sean Hollands,
Perry Johnson
Ignition Co-ordinator: Scarlett Spiro-Beazley
Frantic Learn & Train: Sharon Kanolik, Juliet Styles

In 2017 I Co-Directed the Frantic Assembly Ignition production and residency. I also ran the auction process across the country looking for 12 young men to take part in the programme.

Frantic Ignition is a program aimed at getting young men in to the world of movement and physical performance. I originally took part in the programme myself in 2012 and so it was an honour to be a director on the project this time round. We took 12 boys from across the country and they performed at the Stratford Circus. Everyone who took part is invited back for regular back up sessions with the Frantic Assembly company.

Photos by Helen Maybanks.

For more information on this programme. Please look here: franticassembly.co.uk/ignition